New Facebook profile – apocalypse now

Well if Facebook didn’t already cause enough people to flip out with their recent “stream” updates just wait until they roll out the new profiles in the up coming months. No you don’t have to pay to use the new Facebook, no they wont charge you for past years used, no they wont give you a unicorn that shits cheese burgers if you post this in your profile. Everyone remain calm, change is a good and much needed thing. Yes you will hate it but like everything else you will eventually learn to love it and embrace it for it’s innovative features making your digital life/stalking easier than ever.

After updating my profile this morning and working with the new time-line feature  I’m totally on board with Zuckerberg and his “improvements”. The time-line is much more organized and engaging than the previous profile, it acts more like a scrapbook, removing the old cluttered mess that was a “wall”. The two column layout does a nice job of  breaking up the photos, videos, and status updates. Visually speaking it’s a much needed overhaul, as far functionality is concerned it’s a huge step forward in the right direction. Check out Mashable’s handy-dandy guide for all the upcoming changes and features.

The most noticeable change is Cover Image, a large 851×315 image that sits nicely on the top of your profile (your profile image is still the in left hand corner as an overlay). Easy enough to set up, click the “change cover” on the top portion of your profile, select a current image from a gallery or upload your own .. done! Keep in mind the size of the image, if you set an image that is 400 x 200 it’s going to look like pixel garbage. I’m really interested to see how this will play out on pages. Hoping for some content or branding features like myspace *GASP* offers with their band profiles.

Click the image on the left to see a screen shot of my updated profile. If your brave enough to change over or just want to get to the hate rally early check out this video walk through or this link