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Future 52

Fifty-two weeks. Fifty-two creators. Fifty-two creations. future52.com Created and designed by Alex Griendling and developed by Rogie King, Future 52 is a blog focused on collecting 52 futuristic illustrations from 52 creators. These illustrations include hoverboards, robots, starships, wearables, and energy weapons. Over the course of a year, a new creation will be posted once a week.

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  Versus/Hearts is about rivals.  Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other. This started 2 years ago with the the Ninja <3 Pirate sticker I made for my laptop and background pattern for Repeat-X Repeat-Y. I just revived it. Versus/Hearts is a project by Twistedfork (Dan Matutina).

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